Stone floor polishing and repairs

Do you need a stone surface restoring and don't know where to turn?


  • Stained stone floor?

  • Cracked limestone floor?

  • Scratched marble floor?

  • Etched or uneven marble floor?

  • Dangerously slippy stone floor?


We restore, clean and maintain all types of natural or man made stone and tiled floors, such as granite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, travertine, porcelain, and ceramic tiles.


Our stone restoration services include:


  • Stain removal from stone floors

  • Sealing and impregnating of stone floors

  • Cleaning, re-crystalisation, vitrification, grinding, poulticing, burnishing, honing, polishing, and sealing

  • Application of polishing powders or vitrification chemicals

  • Diamond abrasive procedure (diamond grinding) of marble

  • Penetrative sealing of highly porous stone such as limestone

  • Application of coloured epoxy resins to limestone

  • Removal of limestone stains using poultice and deep alkaline cleaning before grinding and honing

  • Epoxy repairs to cracked and chipped stone surfaces

  • Enhancing sealer for slate surfaces to deepen the slate's colour

  • Diamond abrasion procedure to flatten a rough, uneven slate floor

  • Enhancing the colour of travertine by diamond grinding and the application of calcite polishing powders

  • Holes in travertine filled with coloured epoxy resins, polyester fillers, grout or cement fillers

  • Non-slip applications for all types of stone floors


Call us today and one of our stone care technicians will be happy to help and discuss your personal requirements.

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