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Stoneworks have developed a course for cleaning professionals with a commercial interest in stone floor management and restoration.


Stone Floor Management and Restoration


This is a 2 day formal course with a 1 day optional practical and demonstration day, held within a bespoke training centre, and offering a complete overview of the management of stone floors, and the professional cleaning, maintenance and restoration of stone floors.

This course covers the basics of geology and stone identification and the preparation needed to repair, restore, clean and maintain all types of stone floor surfaces. It then provides detailed practical applications and development of the skills needed to clean and maintain any stone surface, using best practice and professional cleaning equipment and solutions.

The course also offers an overview for costing services, with help on bidding, preparation of quotations and the sales and marketing techniques and tactics required to develop these skills into a full time professional occupation.

This course is ideal for anyone wishing to enter stone floor cleaning as a potential career or business development opportunity. It is equally applicable to any employee of an organisation in the construction, building maintenance, facilities management or cleaning services sector, looking to develop specific skills which can be used by the organisation.


Course elements include:


Unit 1 – Geology and Stone Identification


An introduction into stone flooring requires a fundamental understanding of the geology of stone. This unit covers the identification and distinctions between Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rock, mineral identification and scales of hardness. This essential unit develops the skills needed by any stonework professional to identify stone types for appropriate maintenance and cleaning.  


Unit 2 – Quarrying and Fabrication


The basics of quarrying and the resulting stone surfaces, finishes and textures are discussed in detail. This builds a confidence in understanding the different types of surface finish to enable appropriate maintenance, cleaning and treatment of any stone floor surface


Unit 3 – Stone Floor Refinishing/Polishing


Covering the 3 basic steps to prepare for refinishing and polishing a stone floor this unit covers in detail the grit size, abrasive types and techniques required to achieve a polished finish to a stone surface. Alternative stone polishing techniques and stone floor restoration are also covered in this unit.


Unit 4 – Procedures and Techniques


This detailed practical unit looks in depth at various surfaces and identifies the appropriate techniques and procedures required in stone floor management. Covering everything from refinishing for soft marble to limestone refinishing to remove browning and Terrazo refinishing and polishing, this detailed unit provides an overview of the most common surface treatment techniques. 


Unit 5 – Stone Cleaning


Chemistry basics and understanding pH levels allows for excellence in stone cleaning. This unit offers the practical understanding of chemistry required to how stone cleaners work and the correct application of cleaning products.


Unit 6 – Stain Removal


This session looks at the process of identifying stains initially and using a detailed stain removal chart, covers the wide variety of appropriate options for treating stains on stone surfaces. The unit also provides practical skills in stain removal.  


Unit 7 – Trouble shooting


This session covers a huge variety of issues facing stone floor maintenance professionals. Using the basis of a Job Survey for initial inspection and recommendations, this unit provides troubleshooting assistance to over a dozen different but common issues ranging from Holes and Pitting to Warping, Grout problems, Lippage and Efflorescence. This unit builds confidence and skills in identifying common problems in the overall long term maintenance and treatment of stone flooring.  


Unit 8 – Stone Maintenance


The processes required in stone maintenance and the discussion of restoration over maintenance as a technique are covered. This practical unit looks at basics of maintenance and the programme required for a professional maintenance service.


Unit 9 – Equipment


A practical session looking at the floor machines, hand held machines, wet vacuum equipment and other specialist equipment and products currently on the market to assist commercial cleaning professionals.


Unit 10 – Bids and Estimates


Providing a stone restoration bid sheet and discussing the commercial aspects of providing quotes, bidding for work and providing professional estimation services is a crucial element of the course for anyone wishing to enter commercial stone flooring cleaning as a career.


Unit 11 – Marketing


This unit reflects on the opportunities developed through the course, and the potential to use the skills developed to either extend an existing business service or develop a new one. The focus of this session is to provide professional help and advice with tips and hints on how to promote yourself and your business, and sales strategy development.

On completion of this 2 day intensive course which includes use of all equipment and products, and comes with a full training and development manual of course notes, you will have the opportunity to remain for a half day practical session, putting new skills into practice, using your own equipment and for additional Q&A opportunities with the Stoneworks team.


The course costs just £395.00 + VAT and to register for forthcoming dates, just contact us for details.



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